Utilizing the
latest in machine technology, Clamshell Packaging Corporation produces the highest quality clamshells at competitive prices.

Prototypes fast! Our in-house design and machine shop means you get samples when you need them.

Clamshells, Blister Packaging, Plastic Trays and Custom Thermoformed Products

Innovative and attractive design, precision die-cutting, attention to detail, and complete customer satisfaction have earned Clamshell Packaging Corporation® a reputation for quality and value in the thermoformed plastic packaging industry world-wide.

As a high quality manufacturer of custom packaging clamshells and thermoformed products we satisfy your most demanding and exacting thermoforming needs. 

Fast turnaround and accurate prototypes are designed in Clamshell Packaging Corp.'s on-site machining facility using industry leading 3D Software. Our technical staff and designers are second to none and every employee is dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and service.



Clamshell design according to the specific needs of your product. We also have a large line of stock clamshells that can be inserted with a customized cavity, resulting in reduced tooling costs and lead times.


For many products a blister is the perfect solution for today's packaging needs. We will design a custom blister for your product or you may opt to choose from our large list of stock blister packaging.


The creation of a plastic tray that captures and displays your products in the most attractive manner is the goal of our Design Team. They also protect products during shipping & handling.


We combine function with design. During the critical design phase your product will be studied intensely to produce a package that is appealing, functions properly, and is easy to assemble.


Some of our customers need virgin or FDA approved material however, most of our packaging is manufactured from recycled material, such as recycled PVC.

Clamshell Packaging Corp.® is a leader in the state of Missouri for the use and promotion of recycled material. Last year alone Clamshell Packaging Corp. diverted over one million pounds of plastic from Missouri's landfills.

Clamshell Packaging Corp. is committed to using recycled PVC and we apply re-use principals when and where appropriate.

Clamshell Packaging Corp.
6800 Odell St.
St Louis, MO 63139
Ph: 314-644-6060
Fax: 314-644-6087


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